Purcell - Music for a While

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Nr. 1 Oh! FairCedaria, Hide Those Eyes
Nr. 2 Music For A While
Nr. 3 My Heart, Whenever You Appear
Nr. 4 I Resolve Against Cringing And Whining
Nr. 5 Ah, How Pleasant 'Tis To Love
Nr. 6 I Take No Pleasure In The Sun's Bright Beams
Nr. 7 Amidst The Shade And Cool Refreshing Stremas
Nr. 8 If Music Be The Food Of Love
Nr. 9 On The Brow Of Richmond Hill
Nr. 10 Retir'd From Any Mortal's Sight
Nr. 11 When My Amelia Smiles, She Wounds Me
Nr. 12 Rashly I Swore I Would Disown
Nr. 13 I Love Fair Celia Many Years
Nr. 14 See Where Repenting Celia Lies
Nr. 15 What A Sad Fate
Nr. 16 Who Can Behold Florella's Charms
Nr. 17 Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move
Nr. 18 The Fatal Hour Comes On Apace
Nr. 19 She Loves Snd She Confesses Too
Nr. 20 The Knotting Song
Nr. 21 Their Looks Are Such
Nr. 22 Since From My Dear
Nr. 23 Celia Has A Thousand Charms
Nr. 24 In Vain We Dissemble
Nr. 25 A Thousand Sev'ral Ways I Tried

Maarten Koningsberger, baritone
Fred Jacobs, Theorbo

Quintone 08006