Astor Piazzolla - Concertos

€ 19,99


Piazzolla intentionally allowed a great deal of interpretative freedom in the  Concierto para bandoneón  and the  Doble concierto - Hommage à Liège , encouraging the performer to be ever more creative; he himself stated that his concertos revived the tradition of the so-called tango a la parrilla of the 1940s, in which improvisation played a considerable role. This disc offers a new reading of Piazzolla's work, in which the codes and the richness of traditional tango reinforce the strength of his music. William Sabatier, accompanied by the Dijon Bourgogne Orchestra under Leonardo Garcia Alarcón, here presents two highly representative works by Piazzolla that also established the bandoneon as a solo instrument.

01. Concierto para bandoneón: I. Allegro marcato 8:05
02. Concierto para bandoneón: II. Moderato 6:46
03. Concierto para bandoneón: III. Presto 6:04
04. Tangazo – variaciones sobre Buenos Aires 12:34
05. Doble concierto para bandoneón y piano, "Hommage à Liège": I. Introducción 3:47
06. Doble concierto para bandoneón y piano, "Hommage à Liège": II. Milonga 5:51
07. Doble concierto para bandoneón y piano, "Hommage à Liège": III. Tango 6:11
08. Oblivion 3:59